Hello! My name is Cara Clarke & I am a front-end web developer

Primary skills: JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS, Angular5 & TypeScript, HTML5/CSS3, SCSS

I am a California native turned Boston resident. I am a front-end web developer, and my background is in technical communication. I am a dedicated, dependable team member with strong interpersonal skills that allow me to flourish within a team and go the extra mile with clients. I use my intelligence to further business goals and am not afraid to think on the job.


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JS Form Validation

es6 JavaScript, HTML

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HTML/CSS, React.js, Google spreadsheets API

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History of the Internet

HTML/CSS, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL.

About Me

Web Developer

Knowing front-end languages, skills and frameworks I enjoy the opportunity and challenge of working with an application from beginning to end.

Designing & Developing

My background in technical communication allows me to build functional apps that are visually appealing, responsive, and work well within a team.

Client Oriented

My previous experience working in customer service gave me strong communication skills and a desire to build relationships with clients. I enjoy the time I spend collaborating with different people and teams.

Always Learning

I enjoy opportunities to solve problems, learn new languages and challenge myself to grow personally and professionally.

Reverse Job Post: Front-end Developer

Cara's potential employer seeks a ux-focused, front-end developer with strong JavaScript and HTML/CSS skills and knowledge about accessible code and design. This role is part of a collaborative team that values communication, learning, growth and problem solving.

At Cara's potential employer, we work to promote communication and collaboration across teams. Our ideal candidate is passionate about working with designers, project managers and other development teams to meet and exceed project expectations.


  • Work with UX designers to create accessible and technically feasible designs, as well as provide technical input during design phase
  • Write clean, accessible markup in HTML or other templating languages
  • Write clean, modular SCSS/CSS in line with the companies brand and design system
  • Use JavaScript to add interactive components to provided designs
  • Create components using frameworks such as Angular